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The literature research


The literature research as the cornerstone of your academic work

A systematic literature research as well as the evaluation of the existing technical literature are an important part of your scientific work. This applies to all academic work (such as housework, bachelor thesis and master thesis).

Even before the topic has been concretised – unless your supervisor or your university has given you an exact topic – it is essential that you gain an overview of the relevant specialist literature. For example, to find research gaps in your subject area or to build a clear understanding of your subject area and to identify all important subareas.

The researched scientific literature helps you to structure your work, to identify important research questions and to create a coherent structure.

The results of the literature search are based on the entire content of your literature-based work. Even in empirical work that includes a practical part, your own contribution is based on the findings of related literature. Your work will always contain a literary-based foundation.

We have put together some first tips for literature research in this blog post.

If you also need help with your literature research (request), we will gladly provide you with our many years of experience as a ghostwriter and practical expertise. Our offer in this area includes:

  • Basis Literature research with relevant sources on the subject area
  • Specification of your scientific topic / question
  • Sighting and commenting on relevant sources
  • Create meaningful outline suggestions
  • Assignment of sources to sub-items of the outline with page information
  • Create a bibliography

Individual research according to your specifications

Of course, we use various databases and libraries, resort to sources in scientific journals and take into account English and foreign language publications.

Please send us a no-obligation inquiry.

We are at your disposal for non-binding advice and support you in your studies with our many years of experience as scientific ghostwriters, authors, coaches and consultants.

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