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Purpose of the exposé

The Exposé – often a Proposal Research or Thesis Proposal – reflects the basic concept of your planned scientific work. In many courses, the exposé is an important first step in the preparation of a thesis (such as a bachelor’s or master’s thesis). Your exposé should describe which research question you want to treat how and why. This document usually has a double function.

Often, an exposé must first be submitted to the chairs of European universities. This should convince the supervisor, the professor, or the reviewer of the quality of your planned project as well as your expertise. It gives the structure and the red thread in your work again. At this point, you already show to what extent you are willing to delve into your topic and how well you approach the project.

On the other hand, the preparation helps you to become clearer about your topic, the concrete question and the relevant content. It makes it easier to plan the structure and process of your scientific work.

Expense of an Exposé

The functions of the exposé already show that it is an important document. Therefore, it is important to allow enough time for the preparation of the exposé. You should deal with the topic intensively enough. This can sometimes be a big time and professional challenge.

How can a ghostwriter help with the exposé?

Accordingly, it may be useful to involve a scientific ghostwriter in your project. As experienced ghostwriters, my collaborators and I know how an exposé should ideally be designed. We have in-depth expertise in our respective field of science and are used to working quickly and deeply on new topics. Research gaps and interesting questions can be clearly identified and limited.

So, a ghostwriter can provide you with professional support by accompanying your progress. He can help you with literature research, ask the right questions, and give valuable tips and advice. Of course you can also make an example of your topic. Here, the collaboration can look something like that, that the ghostwriter first presents various interesting topic suggestions and builds up a sample expose based on that. If you already have a fixed topic or a clear specification from your supervisor, a ghostwriter can also prepare an example of this topic.


The exact structure of the exposé or proposal often varies with the specifications and wishes of the university and the chair. In general, the following contents are included:

  • Relevance of the topic
  • Problem definition and goal of the work
  • current state of research
  • Structure of the work and methodical procedure
  • outline design
  • Preliminary bibliography

Of course, it is possible to adapt the content of your sample to your individual wishes as well as the requirements of the university. We are happy to make you an individual, non-binding offer.

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